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Emma Gazley

Emma Gazley is an artist, musician, writer, adventurer and teacher. Born to two adventurous parents, Emma was destined to be an explorer of the world, and from her earliest moments displayed signs of creativity and curiosity. She has spent time in Europe, Asia, Canada, and currently resides in the U.S. She began her journey of discovering her identity as an artist in 2012, after encountering critical health problems that caused her to lose her job and everyday abilities like driving and pouring water. Many of her projects have, as a result of this event and others, a twinge of the painful and tragic aspects of life. Emma is interested in learning about grief and how to cope with it, as well as passionate about finding joy in the day to day. Her debut art show was in September of 2015, and she has been playing her own music live since 2012. Her poetry has been featured live and online, as well as privately published since 2009. Emma's other passions include: watching cartoons, environmental care, fashion, admiring people's talents, justice related issues, health and diet, reading, exercising her imagination, and asking big questions.