Emma Gazley | The Bride A

The Bride A

  • 11 Sep

  • Emma

This is a representation of the Christian church in the form of a house or building. The church is called the bride of Christ in the Bible, and is also compared to a body. In some ways the people who make up the church of God are also like the beams and walls and floors and windows of a house; each with their own function, purpose and place. This piece tries to give an example of our interdependency and relationship to one another, in the midst of colorfulness and difference and ultimate dependence on God. Notice the red door, symbolizing Christ’s blood, the three windows on the roof, an icon of the Holy Trinity, and the many and varicolored threads of line moving towards the House of God in a mire of confusion and discontent. Although the imperfection is evident in the placement and structure of windows in the house itself, there is clear intent and order. The add-on to the left side of the house leaves an implication of what is to come, a finalizing, the “washing clean” described in Ephesians 5:25-27